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    Over the past decade, the cost of electronic process control equipment has dropped dramatically. The affordability of automation has led to:

    • the economic feasibility of products that were previously priced out of the market due to the costs of building adequate control systems

    • improved efficiency and accuracy of manufacturing by automating manual tasks

    Rather than manufacturing and selling control systems, Johnson Engineering Consultants, Inc. works with small and medium-sized companies to develop solutions. Typically our services follow the following procedure:
    1. Assist the client in creating a detailed definition of the process & tasks.

    2. Design, build and test a controller. We often work with our clients' in-house electrical staff during the assembly stage. For multiple units, the client has the option to duplicate the controller with or without our help.

    3. Assist in certifying the system as required: CSA, UL, Ontario Hydro, etc.

    4. Supervise installation if necessary and perform on-site testing.

    5. Train staff to safely operate and conduct maintenance on newly automated equipment.

    Tube Control illustration, showing control panel and other electronics

    Past contracts include:
    • Programmable pumping solutions

    • On-site wastewater treatment systems

    • Oil and water separation technologies

    • Environmental equipment automated manufacturing

    • Environmental / meteorological monitoring

    • Custom data acquisition with remote access / custom flow meters

    • Multi-source custom automatic sampling equipment

    • Remote process status monitoring

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