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    Curb and sidewalk construction is typically delayed until house construction is completed to avoid potential costs due to damage from building activity (equipment, delivery trucks, etc).

    Home builders and the resulting new home owners are often left wondering how they can finish the boulevards in front of their property or finish their driveway.

    Following are some guidelines that can be used:

    1. The grading within the lot and along the front property line can be finished in accordance with the approved lot grading plan with or without the boulevard being finished.

    2. The boulevard can be graded prior to the installation of the curb and sidewalks if the width of boulevard, type of curb, and finished road elevations are known. In many subdivisions a 6.0m wide base coat of asphalt is placed to provide a driving surface during house construction, if barrier curb is to be used in that case, set the boulevard to slope from the property line to a point about 0.15m to 0.20m higher than and about 0.9m away from the existing edge of base asphalt. This should be adequate for the future installation of the barrier curb. In areas where sidewalk is to be installed, the boulevard can still be finished although the sidewalk construction will later cut through it. In general, being slightly higher (1 to 4 cm) is better than being slightly lower.

    3. Unfortunately driveways cannot realistically be installed adjacent to the curb location unless the curb is already in place. Also, sidewalks complicate the installation of driveways. If you wish to install a driveway prior to the curb (and sidewalk if that applies to your location), you could install the driveway on the private property and end it at the property line. This however leads to a joint in the driveway when it is finished and also would likely result in a change of slope from that point to the curb (or sidewalk).

    As you can see, it is much easier to achieve a good, final result if it is just left until the curb and sidewalk are completed.

    Lastly, the water shut-off valves should be raised to the final grade prior to completion of the driveway or boulevard (depending on where they are located). Care should be taken that they are not covered with topsoil or driveways since they would then have to be uncovered.

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