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    A technical education is acquired in a number of ways. Many persons learn on the job and supplement their practical experience with correspondence courses and evening school. The armed forces train a large number of technicians, particularly in electronics. Increasing numbers of technicians receive their education in trade schools, technical high schools, vocational-technical schools, community or junior colleges, or technical institutes. The trend is toward education beyond high school, with more skilled technicians and technologists completing either two or three years of college.

    In Ontario, becoming an Engineer is regulated by the Ontario Association of Engineers. Licensing is required to provide engineering services (some exemptions apply in specific cases). The Ontario Association of Engineers therefore works closely with post-secondary schools to coordinate which programs qualify you to become an engineer. Generally, a four year University degree in an engineering program is required, followed by a work period and the successful completion of an exam covering law and ethics. More specific information is available from the PEO.

    Many different courses and programs are available. Some schools offer technical training in only a single field, others in a variety of fields. Some schools combine agricultural and industrial training within the same school; other schools train skilled craftspeople as well as technicians. Junior or community colleges offering courses primarily for craftspeople and technicians include courses in the liberal arts, or the technical courses may be offered in a separate division of a liberal arts-oriented junior college. Some senior colleges offer a 4-year baccalaureate program in engineering technology.

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