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    Johnson Engineering prides itself on offering a diversified engineering service that provides our clients with a "one-stop shopping" atmosphere. We consider our ability to handle a wide range of projects from something small like a lot grading plan to multi-phase and large site developments such as residential subdivisions an excellent advantage, since “one stop shopping” saves the “hassle” of dealing with more than one professional service during a project's lifespan.

    Our site plans both urban and rural, are designed to meet all municipal requirements pertaining to site plan agreements.

    A brief outline of the services we offer include:

    • Site plan agreements:
      Site plans are required for almost all commercial and industrial buildings involving new construction or additions to existing buildings. We have completed numerous site plans which meet municipal requirements, both in urban and rural settings. Some of the information that is required on a typical site plan include:

      • location of proposed building/addition

      • driveway entrance from municipal roadway

      • location of parking and the number of spots

      • location of stormwater service, sanitary service, and water services

      • proposed ground elevations to ensure surface water flows away from the building and other important features (ie. loading bays)

    • Lot grading plans

    • Subdivision studies and design

    • Environmental studies

    • Construction management including cost estimates, technical specifications, and contract documents

    • Stormwater Management:

    More and more municipalities are requiring that stormwater runoff from development properties be controlled to minimize an initial shock to the stormwater sewer. One of the most common stormwater management techniques is creating detention areas.

    Nearly all new developments, such as residential, commercial, or industrial, are required to control the amount of stormwater runoff to the same level that existed before the development occurred. As grass and forested areas are replaced with asphalt and roof tops, the stormwater that runs off from the site during and after a rain storm becomes faster. Therefore, a stormwater detention area is placed within the site as a location where the excess water can be stored and released slowly after the storm event has passed.

    Over the years Johnson Engineering Consultants has worked on the following subdivisions which include both urban and rural developments ranging in size from a handful of lots, to projects that have had as many as 200 lots.

    Recent Projects

    Engineering work has been performed in a variety of forms for the following (not limited to):

    • Salvation Army (Septic Bed review)

    • City of Stratford

    • Town of St. Marys

    • Village of Milverton

    • Meadowridge Properties Ltd.

    • TGM Enterprises Limited

    • McCann's Construction Limited

    • A.J. Jackson Developments


    • Scotiabank, Stratford: Asbestos content review in ceiling tiles

    • Town of St. Marys: Emily Street Sanitary sewer pumping station and force main

    • Town of Mitchell: Feasibility study, design, and construction management of addition to the sewage lagoon system

    • Village of Tavistock, Construction management of a sewage lagoon

    • Village of Milverton - Highway #19 Connecting Link, Sanitary Sewerage System - R.V. Anderson, Design review and construction management of a sewage lagoon cell, force main and pump station, 1989 Main Street Reconstruction

    • Town of St. Marys, 1991-1993 Sanitary sewer force main and pumping station


    • Arden Park Street development

    • Avon Heights Subdivision

    • Braemar Crescent Subdivision

    • Brunswick Row Subdivision

    • Falstaff Street Development

    • Feick Crescent Subdivision

    • Franklin Road Subdivision

    • Galt Road Subdivision

    • Glendon Road Subdivision

    • Drummond - Buckingham Drive, Murray Hill, Franklin Drive, Cedarbrae Drive, Briarhill Crescent, Lloyd Crescent

    • Greenwood Subdivision

    • Laszlo Palasty Subdivision

    • Maple Avenue Development

    • McFarlane Street, Norman Street, St. Vincent Street, Well Street, Bedford Drive

    • Melanson – Crawford, Kay Street Melanson Subdivision Phase I, Melanson Subdivision Phase II,: Melanson Subdivision, 1988-1991, Crawford and Nightingale Streets

    • Neil Avenue Subdivision Phase I & II

    • Norwood Subdivision

    • Oak Street Subdivision

    • Oakdale Subdivision

    • Walsh Crescent Subdivision

    • Windemere Subdivision

    St. Marys

    • Meadowridge Properties, 1988-Present, Design review, approval, and construction management of storm water management area for quality control, Phase I, Phase II, Meadowridge Drive, Valleyview Lane, Southvale Road, Meadowridge Court, Design review, approval, and construction management of storm water retention area for quality & quantity control

    • Tracy Street Subdivision


    • Herman - Hammond Subdivision

    • McCann Subdivision, 1988-1992, Boyce Street extension

    • Boyce Street Subdivision


    • McTavish Subdivision

    • Bender Subdivision, 1988-1991


    • Kimberly Colval Place

    • Temperance Street Subdivision

    • Tower Heights Subdivision

    • Hilltop Estates


    • Dalton Fischer Subdivision, Fullarton Township

    • Festoso Subdivision, Shakespeare

    • Giller Subdivision, Millbank

    • Hocking Subdivision, Russeldale

    • Peter Stulp Subdivision, Trowbridge

    • Spence Subdivision, Mitchell

    • Troester Subdivision, Millbank

    • Weitzel Subdivision, Shakespeare,1988-1991

    • Witt Subdivision, Gadshill

    • Hendrickson Spring (Canada Ltd.)

    • Perth County Co-operative

    • Precise Castings Inc.

    • Vic West Steel Inc.

    • Dalton Fischer Subdivision - Fullarton

    • Mohrman Bannister Subdivision

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