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    Johnson Engineering has been involved with a number of municipalities over the years providing engineering services from plan reviews to roadway servicing. We are often consulted for drainage needs, servicing, structural review, and various other engineering studies. Being a consulting firm with multiple civil experts on staff enables us to perform a wide range of services that municipalities require.

    Bridge Inspections

    Johnson Engineering has provided the inspections of bridges for many townships as required on a bi-annual basis according to the Ontario Structure Inspection Manual (OSIM) published by the Ontario Minister of Transportation. Without inspection these structures can become quite dangerous over time through neglect, heavy use, and weathering.

    Previous experience designing bridges and our involvement with Municipal Drains gives us the expertise needed to evaluate all conditions relevant to performing bridge inspections.

    Our final product is a maintainable inventory of bridges with OSIM inspection sheets and real 4x6 colour photographs of the structures and any problem areas identified. We like to organize our inventories into durable 3-ring binders that can be easily updated as repairs and changes are made to the existing structures. This method allows future inspections to be made easier by allowing for the update of existing information by adding the new photos to the existing photo sleeves and replacing updated OSIM inspection sheets.

    Together with the inventory books is a full report that details our inspection process and identifies the evaluation techniques used to rate a structure's condition. We produce maps of the inspection area with all structures identified and labeled and formal tables listing all the structures organized in order of condition with the most urgent at the top and the best structure at the bottom.

    Municipal Drains

    Municipal Drains have been around since the original development of the land we live on today. Without them large areas of our land would be nothing more than swampland and incapable of supporting the demand we place on it today.

    Together with Municipal Drains come Drainage Engineers. Drainage Engineers are the ones that originally designed and created our drainage system and they are also the ones that improve and maintain the existing drains by way of an Engineer's Report. Johnson Engineering Consultants has been involved with drainage since the founding of our company.

    Johnson Engineering has also produced a number of Engineering Reports for the creation and improvement of existing Municipal Drains. David Johnson is one of 46 recognized Drainage Engineers in Ontario.

    Past Projects

    • Township of North Easthope, 1988-1992 Western Municipal Drain, Municipal Drain Report and Construction

    • Township of North Easthope, January 15/87 - September 1989 Lindner Drain, Municipal Drain Report and Construction

    • Township of Mornington, 1980-1995 Municipal Drains

    • Township of Stanley, Review of storm water retention area for County Home and its effect on quantity and quality control

    • Jackson Street Municipal Drain - Fullarton

    • Village of Milverton - Highway #19 Connecting Link

    • Village of Milverton - Sanitary Sewerage System - R.V. Anderson

    • Brown's Bridge - Township of Morris

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