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    When the circumstances for a Pre-Start Health & Safety Review are determined to be applicable to a new or modified system there is still the need for producing a written report. These written reports must document the measures required for compliance with the relevant provisions of Regulation 851, detail any additional testing necessary prior to operation, and indicate any special safeguarding necessary during commissioning. The person submitting the pre-start health & safety review is expected to be a professional engineer who has affixed their seal onto the written report. These conditions can pose some serious difficulties for any small or large company attempting to implement a new or modified system. Some of these difficulties could be any of the following:

    1. In-house staff are unfamiliar with the current applicable safety standards and regulations.

    2. In-house staff are pre-occupied with other duties and are unavailable to deal with pre-start review.

    3. A disagreement between company representatives in the interpretation of applicable codes & regulations that is preventing the acceptance of a solution to address the non-compliant issues with machine or process.

    4. Uncertainty from company representatives as to the suitable format of a report that is capable of sufficiently proving the due diligence of a review.


    It's easy for many individuals unfamiliar with performing safety assessments to lose perspective and misinterpret the risk associated with a particular machine or process. This can lead to the following scenarios for the implemented safeguarding solution:

    1. Excessive safeguarding forcing the investment of a significant amount of time & expenses to achieve compliance.

    2. Ineffective safeguarding that either continues to provide access to a hazard or substantially hinders the worker's ability to carry out their duties.

    The key to JEC's success has been to use our assessment process to separate the REAL hazards that pose a legitimate danger to the worker from the aspects of a machine or process operation having only an appearance of danger for the worker. It is the experience of JEC within the field of industrial health & safety that enables us to make this distinction. This distinction is what allows JEC to assist every customer by identifying cost-effective safeguarding SOLUTIONS absent of product affiliations. The connection between REAL hazards and cost-effective solutions is the JEC perspective.


    The JEC perspective was established with the needs of our customers in mind and the satisfaction in our services would be best demonstrated by the longevity of our company. Johnson Engineering Consultants has been involved in the industrial health & safety field since the inception of the "Pre-development Review" in 1997. It is this experience that makes JEC the best choice for companies interested in outsourcing their health & safety needs. Customers in the following industrial sectors have already realized this:

    • High Tech Component Manufacturing

    • Pharmaceutical & medicine

    • Automotive

    • Advanced robotics & automation

    • Bio-tech & Life Science

    • Agri-food & food processing

    • Furniture & Furnishing Components Manufacturing


    Outsourcing your pre-start health & safety reviews with JEC is the only option. Not only does our commitment to service encourage input from our customers, but the benefits of dealing with JEC will be recognized by having:

    1. Experienced health & safety professionals who understand the applicable regulations & standards.

    2. Manage time more efficiently by focusing on normal operational duties while the JEC representatives deal with the PSR.

    3. An impartial "third party" perspective on the equipment or process by JEC representatives that can alleviate concerns of biased views.

    4. Accountability for approval of system based upon liability insurance maintained by JEC as required by being a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

    Still have questions or require a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review?

    Contact us and ask to speak with one of our industrial health & safety specialists.

    Click on the link below for a PDF version of our Industrial Health & Safety brochure.

    June 2005

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