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    Are you certain that the machinery or processes within your workplace are safe?

    Do the machines or processes within your workplace meet the current applicable safety standards and regulations?

    Do you have the correct documentation for each machine or process confirming your due diligence in preventing the occurrence of an injury?

    These are important questions that are affecting all companies operating within Ontario and the pressure to produce answers is increasingly becoming a priority for everyone. Ontario companies failing to take action are risking fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars along with the possibility of criminal prosecution for individuals involved. These serious implications demonstrate that unsafe work practices will not be tolerated by the Ontario government and reaffirms their commitment to the goal of making Ontario workplaces the safest in the world.


    Companies determined to operate as world class organizations are recognizing this commitment by the Ontario government and are voluntarily developing safety programs to pre-emptively address issues arising within their facilities. These progressive companies are not simply realizing a safer work environment and avoiding costly fines, but they are identifying and resolving compliance issues prior to the occurrence of a lost-time accident. The prevention of lost-time accidents can only have a positive economic impact on an organization by leading to improved overall employee morale and a subsequent increase in productivity.


    In some instances there is the misconception that an insurance plan is more than enough to cover costs resulting from an accident, but there are many hidden costs that would not normally be covered by a claim. These costs may include some or all of the following:

    • Lost Time

    • Extra Wages, Overtime Payments

    • Sick Pay

    • Production Delays

    • Fines

    • Loss of Contracts

    • Legal Costs

    • Property Damage

    • Management Time

    • Loss of Reputation

    These unnecessary expenses are preventable by merely taking a proactive approach to health & safety. It's that simple.

    Still have questions regarding industrial health & safety?

    Contact us and ask to speak with one of our industrial health & safety specialists.

    Click on the link below for a PDF version of our Industrial Health & Safety brochure.

    June 2005

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